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Welcome City of Gearhart to the ePermitting program as our newest live agency.

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Account Registration


To register for an ePermitting account, please provide the following:


·        A user name and password

·        Personal and contact information

·        License information where applicable

You must also review and accept the terms below.


There are various legal requirements for homeowners doing work on their own residences, including that an “owner” shall be a natural person and not a business entity such as a corporation or partnership. For many types of work, the property must be owned by the person doing the work, or a member of the person’s immediate family, and the property must not be intended for sale, exchange, lease or rent. By accepting the terms and conditions, you are agreeing to abide by all applicable laws including but not limited to the specific laws governing homeowner installations. ORS 701.010 (structural and mechanical work); ORS 479.540 and OAR 918-261-0040 (electrical work); ORS 693.020 and OAR 918-695-0020 (plumbing work).

Cities and counties that participate in the ePermitting system do so voluntarily and retain individual discretion regarding the specific ePermitting services offered and ultimately provided within the system for both Basic and Full Service options. For information on participating Basic and Full Service cities and counties,
click here.

The ePermitting system may be used to purchase only those permits and services that are within the scope of a purchaser’s license, certification, and purchasing category. Any work performed under permits and services obtained via the ePermitting system must be in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies of the appropriate oversight and licensing organizations.

By using the ePermitting system, I certify that I meet and will comply with these and all other ePermitting terms, conditions, and requirements. I understand that violating these terms of use may result in suspension or restricted access to the ePermitting system for a period of time determined and imposed by the Department of Consumer & Business Services, Building Codes Division, and the assessment of additional civil penalties under OAR 918-050-0850.



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